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Analog Addressable Fire Alarm System

Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

It is a systems, which detects fire early, where in all loop devices in the systems are individually addressed to provide the panel with absolute unique identification of each devices. The systems monitors any changes caused by dust or smoke and then adjusts the calibration accordingly to maintain each sensor at its original sensitivity. The systems carries out a self-test automatically every 24 hours, as well as separate adjustment for day and night. The system can be integrated along with building management systems, CCTV and Access Control Systems ensuring total safety and security at one monitoring station?

Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire hydrants are most commonly used water-based suppression systems for general fire fighting requirements. Automatic water sprinklers are used where quicker responses are required. Automatic gas-based systems are used to protect expensive industrial equipment. CO 2 and FM200 are commonly used for fire extinguishing gases. Larger applications also employ foam based suppression technique. Cease promotes the appropriate usage of these systems for greater risk coverage and minimum damages due to a hazard

Fiire protection systems wet riser / hydrant / sprinklers systems

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